In 2011, KINGU was founded as a result of the requirement to grow the direct racing sector. additionally referred to as Dragbike.to advance development by constructing future wheels, sprockets, and other components out of lighter materials. the dragbike time record to shatter
Alternatively, it might be placed in a general bulldozer for improved responsiveness when turning and twisting.

Along with being exceptional at lightness Because it is composed of alloy material, which is lighter and harder than regular aluminum, it has an equal amount of strength. reduces the weight of ironing.

The name KINGU, often spelled Kinku, is derived from the Japanese word キング, which meaning king.
, yet the technology to achieve that makes it a Thai brand. It is technology by Japan since the quality is the same as that of Japan.
According to the royal What goods will we manufacture? must be at its best Full effort Making the wheels as light as feasible while maintaining their strength

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